Cerulean Pin

To mark Link Culturefest 2012 the collective were commissioned by Block T to create a series of sculptural interventions, establishing a physical link between all the studios involved. The work Cerulean Pin symbolised the dynamic interplay of artistic connections in Dublin 7, the creative hub of the city. This work sets out to effect a shift in urban space.

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Flag in action at walking tour on Saturday LINK Culturefest
Photo Copyright of Tadhg Nathan // www.photographicmemory.ie

Brunswick Mill Studios
Photo Copyright of Tadhg Nathan // www.photographicmemory.ie

LINK Flag at Bio.Space 033

LINK Flags on Charles St West

LINK Flag at Chancery Studios

LINK Flag at Loom Studios
LINK Flag at Satellite Studios
LINK Flag at Block B Exhibition

LINK Flag at NAS

LINK Flag at SupaFast Building

LINK Flag at Market Studios
LINK Flag Market Studios Halston St
LINK Flag detail

LINK Flag concept drawing